Residential Energy Auditors, LLC was founded by Earl Haynes, a RESNET rater, contractor and owner of Residential Energy Auditors, as a way of providing needed services to the Northern Virginia community. Earl has over 30 years in retail business and experience in running a multi million dollar company as owner and general manager in Northern Virginia. Residential Energy Auditors' business is built on three very common goals we give to each customer:

Earl Haynes, founder of Residential Energy Auditors

Residential Energy Auditors's business is built on three common goals we give to each customer:

  1. Most of all American’s households face skyrocketing energy bills, while living in an uncomfortable home. Residential Energy Audits will reduce your energy consumption while improve your comfort and indoor air quality. 
  2. Keep it simple. By reducing your energy costs, Residential Energy Auditors will focus on areas that can give our customers the highest reduction of energy use while realizing the cost it takes to do the repairs. Put very simply, cost of repairs to savings will pay for itself in no more than three to four years, in most cases, even less.
  3. Add us to your contact list. The business of saving you money by reducing your energy use is a round the clock job. One month you’re doing well the next your utility bills spike up. Keep a record of your energy use each month and try and reduce each year for the month of that prior year. If July of 2010 electric bill shows you’ve used more than July of 2009, then we need to hear from you. Technology is changing all the time and future opportunities lay ahead.

While lowering energy bills is the primary motivator for most Americans, we are becoming more aware of our consumption of fossil fuels and the lasting effects it has on our environment. In these cases once our customers have taken the first step and have corrected the air leaks, HVAC and duct leaks and insulation concerns (low hanging fruit) is the next step is reducing your energy needs by using renewable forms of energy.

With our unparalleled experience and credentials leading the way, Residential Energy Auditors has set out to establish an auditing company that redefines how Americans can manage their energy consumption. Whether you’re a home buyer wanting to know how efficient your new home is, a contractor requiring compliance inspection or a home/business owner with areas of concern you would like to have tested, look no further, Residential Energy Auditors is only one call a way to get started today.

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  • Henry, Springfield, VA

    "With this extremely cold weather, I thought you would find it interesting to know that my house is performing extremely well. I have been amazed at the difference in my comfort now compared to my old house. Thanks for doing such a great job!"

  • Homeowner, Alexandria, VA

    Very in-depth analysis and beneficial information tailored to the problems of my home. Earl Haynes did a great job. He's very knowledgable and up-to-date. I definitely recommend him.

  • Karen S., Vienna, VA

    Excellent service so far, honest, professional, very thorough, and pleasant to work with.

  • Flo T., Glenn Dale, MD

    Mr. Haynes was very professional and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions.

  • William P., Dumfries

    Earl first did an Energy Audit in my house. I was pleased with his work and how he went out of his way to help me with a Virginia Rebate for energy work in your home. I hired him again to do all of the suggestions on his energy audit. He did the work himself and it was all great.